4 Shifts Professionals Use to Unleash their Inner Artist

Our Programs Are Distinctly Different.

Our Programs Are Distinctly Different.

For An Elite Art Coaching Program To Deliver Results That Transforms Your Artistic Expression…

It Must Have 3 Components:


Cutting-edge strategies with a proven track record of results.


World-class support and accountability that both encourages and optimizes your creative expression and artistic ambitions.



Unfortunately, most online art programs fall into two categories: they either teach you technical skills only, or they introduce theoretical ideas without practical strategies.

Yet you are smart enough to know that teaching someone what to do is not enough. It would be best to have someone guide you step-by-step and coach you as you progress toward your goals. And you also realize that having an art coach teach you theory without practical strategies and personalized support can make you feel lonely without making meaningful progress.

The truth is that most online art programs don’t care about your goals or challenges as an artist. Their programs hype you up or keep you busy without individual support.

I want you to know that we love our members. We have cutting-edge strategies developed in the trenches for over 25 years that get results.

We have world-class support and coaching that is top-notch. And we've simplified it so you can shorten the learning curve because we know the path can be arduous.

It's also why our clients create artwork that speaks to their life story, touches beauty, and gives them a closer relationship with their creative soul while gaining unique opportunities to exhibit and share their work with the world.

Here Are 3 Reasons You Should NOT Do Business With Us...

Unlike other coaching programs out there, we’re not for everyone. So here are three reasons you should NOT do business with us.


Don't Work With Us If You're Looking For "Quick Results," with little effort.

Do our clients get terrific results? Absolutely.

They worked their butts off because discipline and focus has been part of their life to get to where they are. Becoming a bold and empowered artist is about making lots of artwork and hours of studio time with a deep dive into your purpose as an artist. It may be challenging, yet we've simplified things into a proven strategy that works every time it's applied.

Your results are 100% up to you.


Only Work With Us If You're 100% committed with an entrepreneurial mindset to harness your creative expression.

Some artists are content with minimal self-investment, yet our clients aspire for more – breaking through barriers and achieving their long-desired success. They are determined to do whatever it takes to make it happen.


Getting the results you want will take your total commitment.

While some artists may settle for dabbling in art as a hobby or merely talking a big game, our clients aspire to embrace their complete identity as artists. They prioritize their creativity and seek to shatter the barriers that hinder their progress so that they can align their personal successes with their artistic potential. They are ready to go to any lengths to achieve it.

We appreciate and respect your perspective if this doesn't resonate with you. Prioritization, Consistency, and Accountability are paramount for you to be ready to work with us.

So Let's Talk About Who We Are For...

You are an accomplished artist or high-achieving professional with grit, and bold ideas, who excels at what you do. Yet, your art has been continually put to the side as you focus on the nuts and bolts of your career. Deep inside their is an empty space, yet you have immense artistic passion and drive to get the best out of you as an artist, before it is too late. We can help you grow and magnify your artistic expression so that you can be fully fulfilled and share these works of impact with the world. However, we do have some simple criteria you need to meet before we decide we're a great fit to work together:

  • You must show up coachable. We know what works and don’t have time to argue.

  • You must be decisive. To get results, you need to be willing to take risks to avoid getting stuck in creative paralysis.

  • And you must be resourceful to invest in yourself. There is always a way for the truly committed.

If you're ready to take your art to the next level and create a life that is congruent to all parts of you, and you are ready to be an artist filled with value and opportunity, click the button below to Book a Call.

During this call, we will discuss where you are as an artist, where you want to go, and what's been holding you back from getting there. And if I can help, I will reveal the step-by-step strategies we use to help our clients create the art that is meaningful, filled with vision and purpose.

When I started working with Daniel, I had major fear and anxiety, and suffered from the white page syndrome. Using the mind-set exercises taught by Daniel helped equip me with the tools needed to be a more confident artist. My mark making has become more loose and courageous - my artwork more bold and beautiful. I really have developed into a stronger artist because of working with Daniel.

Liphus Swindall

You have literally changed my life and the influence that you have provided will resonate for years to come and I can’t even imagine what I would’ve done instead without the influence that you provided. It really has really helped me to access my best self and it’s so exciting and so delightful and so powerful when I can access such a special thing and you gave me the knowledge that I had a superpower!

Beth Peters

I believe my artistic voice has started to come out, my style, by creating a technique that flows out of me. It seems to be really improving. The creativity is coming. I am producing work I am proud of. I am producing art that people are really interested in seeing. That really brings joy and excitement.

Steven Chandler