4 Shifts Professionals Use to Unleash their Inner Artist

Ready For The Next Step?

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Ready For The Next Step?

See Below For More Details.

Profit to Passion

Profit to Passion is a 12-week online group studio course for Accomplished Artists, High-Level Professionals, Retirees, and their Spouses who are ready to align their artistic expression with their life accomplishments. Discover how to consistently create powerful and narrative artwork that reflects your unique vision. No more dabbling or following trends – this course empowers you to break free and create soul-driven transformational artwork. With expert guidance and a supportive community, you'll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and artistic growth.

Who Is This For?

•Accomplished Artists and Professionals who are feeling stuck or burnt out and want to harness their artistic expression.

High Level Professionals whose artistry has been on the sideline during years or decades of career growth, who need accountability, guidance, and technical oversight to to create their art with consistency, while aligning their creativity with the life accomplishments.

• Retired Professionals whose art has been on hiatus for decades and who are ready to embrace their full artistic potential.

• Spouses of high-level professionals who have been of service to their families and are now ready to unleash their personal artistry and claim their artistic power.

Results To Expect:

• Dismantle creative blocks and burnout to that you can discover your true potential as an artist.

• Unleash your artistic expression to tell your story through experimentation, imagination, discovery and refinement.

• Build a consistent new body of exhibition-worthy artwork with the confidence and strategy to take it forward and share it with your community and beyond.

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1:1 Art Accountability Coaching

1:1 Art Accountability Coaching is a personalized program for accomplished artists and high-level professionals who who want individualized support with a defining purpose to elevate their artistry with customized support and accountability. We'll have bi-weekly sessions where you'll receive expert guidance and technical optimization to overcome any challenges, while creating work with vision and purpose. With proven strategies, you'll be encouraged and pushed to accomplish your goals and beyond. This program provides the accountability you need to unlock and cement your full potential as an artist.

Who Is This For?

•High Level Professionals, retirees and their spouses whose artistry has been on the sideline while building their careers.

• Professionals and retirees who seek 1:1 support and prefer personalized attention.

•Spouses who have been of service to their families and are now ready to foster and build their personal artistry, while claiming their artistic power.

Results To Expect:

• Have individualized coaching and training that is specific to you.

Create your artwork with consistency, purpose, and conviction.

• Build an amplified and optimized body of artwork that illustrates your story, narrative, and purpose as an artist.

• Develop a strong and clear identity as an artist that aligns with your successes and life accomplishements.

Investment: Inquire for Details

  • Offering 1:1 Art Coaching and Mentorship Packages for periods of One Month, Three Months, or Six Months.

  • Let's discuss which option is best for you!

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Daniel Kanow Fine Art Original Paintings, Oil Prints, and Commissions

As a professional artist, I provide various options for you to experience and own my artwork. You can choose from Originals, Reproductions and even request personalized Commissions. Each piece of art reflects the artistic journey, emphasizing the importance of process, interpretation, imagination, and expressive elements such as action, color, and texture. With Commissions, I create artwork that is specifically tailored to your preferences, allowing you to enjoy the visceral beauty and emotional connection that art brings.

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Program/Service Name

[EXAMPLE: 50-75 Words] Website Hero is a 5 module online course for experts, coaches, and consultants that will teach you how to design a visually stunning website and write conversion-based copy that will turn your website into a 24/7 lead and sales-generating machine, without being a ninja designer or expert copywriter.

Who's Is This For?

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Results To Expect:

• Discover...

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• Transform...



Ready to take the next step?

After years of collecting art at our home in Boston, our family was thrilled to start off our Telluride art collection with two works by local artist Daniel Kanow.  One of the pieces is a wonderfully distinctive moody, dusk-toned impressionist landscape of the Telluride box canyon that perfectly embodies and reminds us of the deep emotional connection we have to the town and mountains that have captured our hearts in every season.  The other is an abstract triptych full of joyful, whirling movement of layered strokes of rich, exotic color and metallic tones, where the unique hand of the artist can be imagined still hovering over every panel.  Pure creative magic!

Erik Ramanthan

I think the most important thing about your program is that it’s not a class designed to teach you how to use paint on a canvas, it’s a class to teach you how to use your mind on the canvas. You have integrated philosophies and self-help and all this other stuff that really just coalesces into truly making us the best us we can be, in the community you created.


Beth Peters

I believe my artistic voice has started to come out, my style, by creating a technique that flows out of me. It seems to be really improving. The creativity is coming. I am producing work I am proud of. I am producing art that people are really interested in seeing. That really brings joy and excitement.

Steven Chandler